Sunday, January 25, 2009

Getting Carried Away

When your grooms men are your best friend and your brothers things can get quite interesting. What a crew! This gives new meaning to here comes the bride. They were the life of the party. Getting carried away was the theme of the part as well.

BBFF Bestest Best Friends Forever

Friends that are so close they become family is how the bride feels about her brides maids. Her maid of honor has been her best friend since infancy and even though hundreds of miles seperate them they will always have a special bond that will extend through all time and all distance. Welcome Braxton to an even bigger family than you bargained for.

Forever in Love

WOW I can't believe its over. Jessica and Braxton are on their honeymoon and I am posting just a few of the hundreds of photos taken yesterday. It was short notice but with a lot of help and love from friends and family we pulled it off and it was a beautiful wedding and reception. Thanks to all of my friends and family and Jessica and Braxton's friends who helped to make their day a very special one filled with love and a whole lot of fun.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Goodbye to my Babies

Two of my best friends died this year, Keimomo and Buddy. I will miss my babies.

Here comes the Bride

WOW, I did not know I would be planning a wedding in 6 weeks time. I am not losing my daughter and best friend but gaining a wonderful son in law. I wish them the best in all of their endeavors.

Thanksgiving 2008

Times are tough for just about everyone in our country this year. But I am thankful for many things in my life this year. I am thankful for my children and the joy they are in my life and even for the trials and struggles we endure. I am thankful for my family that supports me. I am thankful for my friends who keep me grounded and keep me going when I want to give up. I am thankful for my job and to live in this country at this historical time. But most of all I am thankful for my God and the life and strength he gives me daily. It is one of the best Thanksgivings ever.

Thanks for being part of our lives.

My Grandpa and Grandma Earl W. Smith Jr. & Margaret Smith. Grandpa died in September and we will miss him. I remember going to their house as a child and Grandpa always had the coolest gadgets. He had the silver balls you see that when you move one it sets the rest in a synchronized motion. I remember puzzles that really took a lot of thinking to undo. He liked to tell Pollock jokes and riddles. I remember stories from the old days when he was a boy and when my dad was a boy growing up in Wheeling West Virginia. I am a better person for knowing him. I love you Grandpa.